Amatsu Physical Therapy

Correction and well-being for ALL

Amatsu Physical Therapy is a therapy that helps to restore, natural balance and physical welling being, by using the body’s natural movements.
It is a therapy that has been used in Japan for thousands of years.
Amatsu treatments are gentle and non-invasive and are suitable for people of any age, from the very young to the very old and for those with limited mobility.

The basic principles, are that therapists understand the natural balance of the human body and by certain gentle movements and enlightenment, harmony is restored.

Unlike more conventional massage therapists, that work on muscles, Amatsu practitioners, see the human form in a different light, more as a structure that is held together with bones, but operated by the ligaments, tendons, muscles and tissue, which creates a smooth and flowing motion in the human form.
This treatment is perfect, for those who suffer with debilitating and agonising pain. It relaxes the body, as well as the mind. Amatsu helps the body to mend the causes of imbalance and therefore restores, balance and function. However, as with any treatment, one session will make a difference, but a course of treatments is required to make a long-term difference.
To write about such a therapy, it is only natural to experience a session myself. Abergavenny based Stephan who also holds a clinic in Cardiff, has been practicing this form of therapy for just over 12 months.
Amatsu is a fully clothed therapy, however lose clothing is recommended. Explaining the whole experience, Stephan ran through everything that he was about to do, and the reason for it, as well as ensuring that I knew what I would expect during the massage.
It was a very relaxing 45 minute. Firstly, finding my pressure points, much like acupuncture, but using his fingers instead of needles. The tummy button is one of the main pressure points, and like a computer, when gently rubbed in conjunction with another pressure point, is like pressing the re set button on a computer, restoring the communication in the body.
The movements to realign the body are almost dance a like, and similar to Thai chi, smooth gentle, gliding, not as you would expect massage to be.
The feeling afterwards was incredible. Relaxing and serine. Stephan had asked questions not only about my physical well- being but also of my emotional and over-all health.

Stephan Grabner originally trained as a nurse and has worked as an International Business Development Manager for many years. After being successfully treated for hip and knee problems by an Amatsu therapist he trained as an Amatsu practitioner.

He is fully insured, DBS/CRB checked, First Aid trained, a full member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (MBRCP) and an associate member of Amatsu Therapy International (AMATI).

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